Did your attorney take more than 25%
of your personal injury settlement?

If so, you were overcharged.


OVERCHARGE RECOVERY CO. is a forensic auditing and consulting firm that possesses vast experience and expertise.  Our goal is to protect ACCIDENT VICTIMS from the ruthless billing and fee charging practices of their attorneys and hospitals.  We are the only firm in the country that has broken ranks to challenge any hospital or law firm that has taken advantage of others who are less powerful.

Personal injury attorneys routinely deduct "already paid" hospital bills, and other "charges" from their clients' portions of the settlements.  At the very least, the attorneys should make it a practice to send their clients some advance notice of the proposed distribution of settlement proceeds, so that the clients could prepare some questions, and prepare for the answers.  But no.  Most of the attorneys wait until the clients come into the attorneys office, expecting to receive 65% of the settlement amount, and then give them only 35% and a story to go with it.

Ironically, all attorneys take oaths to "... alter no man's cause for lucre or for malice."   And yet, these otherwise honorable professionals routinely and mercilessly overpower their powerless clients and again cause their clients to become victims, by diminishing the clients' portions of the settlements.

ATTENTION:   All you angry accident victims who got shortchanged during the settlement!!  We will pay you cash for your claims against your former hospitals and attorneys.  Or, you can take a percentage of what we recover instead of cash, or a combination of both.

For more information, contact:        info@overcharge-recovery.com
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