Did your attorney take more than 25%
of your personal injury settlement?

If so, you were overcharged.


"Contingent fee agreements are subject to supervision by the courts" ... "... the amount of the contingent fee must be computed upon the amount of actual recovery and not on the amount of the verdict rendered."  National Bank of Topton v Holland, et al, 190 Pa. Super. 501, 154 A2d 253 (1959); 

"... in exercising control over legal fees, courts normally compute the amount of contingent fees with reference to the amount the client has received, and not by reference to the total award..." Almi, Inc. v Dick Corp., 375 A2d 1343, Pa. Cmwlth (1977)

"A contingent fee agreement shall ... state ... other expenses to be deducted from the recovery, and whether such expenses are to be deducted before or after the contingent fee is calculated."    Rule 1.5 (c) Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct

Failure of a fiduciary to make required disposition of funds received is a crime in Pennsylvania.  18 PS 3927

Many hospital charges are exhorbitant.  An attorney's fiduciary duty to his client obligates him to review these charges carefully before he approves payment.

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